Women 2 Women – Courageous Conversations About Race

Celebrating 100 years Monday, May 8, 5-7 pm

100-year anniversary celebration. Join us!

We hope you will join us for our 100th anniversary celebration on Monday, May 8, 5 – 7 pm, at the Racine Public Library.

How it All Began

The Racine branch was organized in 1923 with 27 women signing the charter.  The constitution that was adopted had a three-fold purpose:

  1.  to encourage interest in higher education in young women
  2. to promote friendship and friendly interest among college and university women
  3. to assist in all movements for civic betterment

Over the years, AAUW study groups and programs have reflected the concerns of the times. In the 1920s interests were housing for women college students, illiteracy and the world court.

Top five jobs for women in the 1920s

  1. farm laborers
  2. servants
  3. teachers
  4. stenographers and typists
  5. non-store clerks

In the 1920s, more than 8 million, or 1 in 5, women were earning salaries, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Attitudes of the times were that women shouldn’t work outside the home if the husband worked.  Women were expected to quit their jobs when they got married.

What else happened in the 1920s?

  • Equal rights amendment was introduced.
  • Warner Brothers & Disney were founded.
  • Clarence Birdseye invented frozen food in 1923.
  • Prohibition
  • First issue of Time Magazine was published in 1923.
  • Rise of rampant consumerism & advertising
  • The University of Minnesota permitted the first female cheerleaders in 1923.

In 1923, the life expectancy for women was 58.5 years; life expectancy for men was 56.1 years.

The biggest hit song of 1923 was “Yes! We Have No Bananas!”

Thanks to many generous donations, the number of books you’ll find at the May Gigantic Used Book Sale has grown into the thousands!!  Shoppers should be able to find a number of items that meet their interests.